CCFC Awards Grant to PTC

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Central Coast Funds for Children (CCFC) awarded Partnership for the Children $3,000 to help cover un-reimbursed costs through this fiscal year at both Tolosa Children’s Dental Center locations in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo.  Since 1994, the all-volunteer membership of CCFC has raised and granted over $1.4 million dollars to local organizations providing special services for children in-need in SLO County.  Tolosa Children’s Dental Center has been one of many fortunate recipients of CCFC’s generosity since it began operations in 2003 .  Though, much of its operating revenue is gained from Medi-Cal dental reimbursements, the already low-rates of reimbursement were cut by 10% in 2013, thus, increasing PTC’s reliance on grant funding and community support to maintain operations in both locations–Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo.  Tolosa Children’s Dental Center provides vital dental care and a dental home for over 4,500 under-served children each year.

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