Why must we raise funds?
Tolosa Children’s Dental Center is a trusted and dependable ‘dental home’ for underserved children in San Luis Obispo County, serving over 12,414 unduplicated children since 2003. Specializing in pediatric oral health care, it is one of very few dental providers in San Luis Obispo County to accept and provide care for uninsured low-income children and Medi-Cal insured children, ages infant to adolescent.

Tolosa Children’s Dental Center is sustained in large part by Denti-Cal reimbursements (the dental arm of Medi-Cal, California’s version of Medi-care). However, these low-rates of reimbursement have never been enough to cover all operating expenses, leaving Partnership for the Children to ‘bridge the gap’ between operating expenses and revenue with grant funding, donations, and fundraising events. The burden to supplement operating revenue increased in September 2013 when the State of California cut Denti-Cal’s already low rates of reimbursement by ten percent.

You can help support Tolosa Children’s Dental Center to provide dental care for underserved children in San Luis Obispo County by making a tax-deductible contribution to Partnership for the Children. Click on “Donate”, print a donation form, and send check, money order, or credit card details to the address noted on the form.

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