More Local Grantors make awards to TCDC

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United Way of San Luis Obispo County and City of San Luis Obispo awards Partnership for the Children funding support for the 2015-2016 fiscal period.  The United Way’s $5,000 Community Impact Fund grant and the City of San Luis Obispo’s Grant-In-Aid awarded of $3,000 will be used to help provide support for dental services offered at Tolosa Children’s Dental Center’s office in San Luis Obispo which began operations in July of 2014.  Since then, over 976 appointments have been served at this location.  Collectively, TCDC locations in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo served over 4,500 unduplicated children during the 2014-15 fiscal period.

Tolosa Children’s Dental Center is the only nonprofit safety-net office specializing in pediatric dentistry to provide a ‘dental home’ for underserved children in the county.

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