Partnership for the Children of San Luis Obispo County (PTC) received the GuideStar Exchange Silver status in September, demonstrating their commitment to nonprofit transparency and accountability. 

The value of  GuideStar and Guidestar Exchange

GuideStar is known as the place for funders and donors to learn more about a nonprofit they want to support. “What we hope is that our Silver status on Guidestar will help us share our story with potential grant makers and donors” says Barbara Nicholson executive director for PTC.  “I hope people will check out our profile to see what we’re all about.”

Guidestar is a repository of information on every IRS-registered nonprofit organization.  By collecting and disseminating this information to a broad audience, and in a neutral, unbiased manner, GuideStar can help donors and funders make more educated decisions about their investments.  To be awarded the GuideStar Exchange Silver status, organizations provide detailed information on the mission, goals, and financial health of the organization. “The GuideStar Exchange Silver logo on the PTC website gives visitors instantaneous assurance that we are committed to transparency and accountability” says Nicholson.


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